Services Offered

Custom Furniture

Would you like a piece of furniture that would fit into a specific spot in your home just perfectly? Have you looked everywhere but can't find exactly what you want? Then let me design a custom piece of furniture for you and you won't have to settle for less than perfect any longer. All custom pieces are designed to your budget and specifications and priced based upon the materials chosen and the complexity of the piece. Custom pieces are truly one of a kind.

Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has been passed down through your family that is in need of a little bit of TLC? I can repair, restore and refinish the piece, or give it the updated look you're after. Restoration and refinishing prices are quoted based upon the work required.


Western Hand Saw Sharpening & Restoration Service

Are you a woodworker or do-it-yourselfer with an old hand saw that literally just won't cut it? Don't trash that old saw, let me tune it up for you. I'll have your old saw cutting better than new. Click here for more information on hand saw sharpening and restoration services.

  • Basic Hand Saw Sharpening Service  –  $35 per Saw*
    (Includes jointing, shaping, setting & sharpening for one saw)
  • Hand Saw Retoothing & Sharpening Service  –  $75 per Saw*
    (Includes removal of old teeth, filing of new teeth, setting & sharpening for one saw.)
  • Straightening Bent/Kinked Saw Blade  –  $35 per Saw*
    (Includes smith work to remove bends or kinks from the saw blade and/or back.)
  • Cleaning/De-rusting of Saw Blade  –  $50 per Saw*
    (May be required prior to sharpening if the tooth line is severely rusted.)
  • Repair & Restore Damaged Saw Handle  –  $75 per Saw*
    (Includes fixing minor cracks, broken horns and refinishing for one saw handle.)
  • Make Replacement Saw Handle  –  $150 per Saw*
    (A brand new replacement handle fit to your saw in cherry, walnut or beech.)

*Cost of service only. Shipping and return shipping not included.