Head Shot


Bob Rozaieski has been a furniture maker for over 20 years. He is a self-taught craftsman, who specializes in 18th and 19th century tools, techniques and furniture styles. His knowledge of traditional woodworking and furniture styles has come from a combination of research, observation, and hands on time in the workshop.

For over 12 years, Bob has done all of his woodworking using only traditional hand tools. Working with tools similar to those used to build original period pieces allows Bob to engross himself in building every piece and to focus on small details that often go overlooked. His goal is not to make furniture that looks like it was "handmade", but to make furniture as perfectly as possible using only tools simlar to those that were available to our ancestors. By using only these traditional hand tools, Bob's furniture looks period appropriate, with the slight, almost undetectable signature of hand work.

In addition to building furniture, Bob's passion for the craft and his dedication to understanding and passing on the traditional skills of the early tradesmen has also blessed him with the opportunity to introduce and teach traditional woodworking to others. He volunteers as an historical craft interpreter in the woodworking shops at the Pennsbury Manor and Molland House museums. He has written numerous articles for Popular Woodworking Magazine, and he has demonstrated traditional woodworking methods for various woodworking clubs and organizations, including the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association and the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. He is also the host of a popular internet podcast called "Hand Tools & Techniques", which focuses on bringing traditional woodworking skills into the 21st century.